What is Withdrawal Like in a Supervised Setting?

If you or someone you love is considering looking into drug rehab options to overcome an addiction to substances like illegal drugs or alcohol, then one thing you know is sure to happen is going to be eventually having to go through withdrawal.

Withdrawal can be an exceedingly difficult few days for someone who is trying to overcome a battle with addiction, but it is an absolutely necessary one for all of the substances in an addict’s body to be worked out and completely detoxed. It can be very difficult to undergo withdrawal alone, but if you choose to work with substance abuse treatment san antonio professionals to overcome addiction, you will be able to deal with withdrawals in a supervised setting, watched over by trained and experienced medical professionals.

What’s it like, though? It’s normal to want to know what you should be expecting when you get to the withdrawal stage of your rehabilitation.

The Withdrawal Process

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When your body begins craving the substance that it is used to and is deprived of it, it will slowly begin the stages of withdrawal. This process is not going to be fun, as it involves your brain literally “rewiring” itself to attempt to function properly without your chosen vice.

You won’t have any access to the substances your body has become accustomed to in rehab, but you will be able to have access to withdrawal medication like Suboxone to help you out. You’ll also be able to talk with your counselors during this intense time, and they can help you through it, seeing you through to the other side newly clean.

Withdrawal will affect every addict differently, and the amount of time it takes can depend on the amount of a substance left in your body. When you have successfully detoxed, your withdrawal period will be over, and you can begin working with your counselors to find new ways to stay clean and make plans for when you get out of rehab.